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On the issue of:


Rep. Scott supports an “All of the Above” approach to energy solutions. Energy options should be common sense, market-driven and must keep the rate-payers—our families and businesses, in mind.

Expensive energy will make our state less attractive to new businesses and could act as an incentive for existing businesses to leave our state.

On the issue of:

The Education

Rep. Scott believes in putting our children’s education first. That means most funding should be directed to the classrooms. The focus needs to be on higher standards of achievement and measurable outcomes so that our kids can be ready to compete in a global economy. Increased funding is not the panacea to student achievement.

Rep. Scott favors accountability measures such as Q-Comp and believes great teachers should be rewarded. As parents are best suited to determine what school is the best fit for their child, they should be given tax credits if that school is non-public.

On the issue of:

Second Amendment Rights

Rep. Scott is endorsed by the National Rifle Association. She believes your Second Amendment rights are individual rights.  Rep. Scott has a perfect voting record on Second Amendment Rights legislation.

Rep. Scott also supported legislation that makes it more difficult for felons and those who are civilly committed to purchase firearms.

On the issue of:

The Economy

Realizing government does not create jobs but can create a better climate for job growth, Rep. Scott has supported elimination of the statewide business property tax and other taxes and regulations placed our businesses that businesses in other states and countries do not have.  Such taxes and regulation put us at a competitive disadvantage.

The recent business to business taxes adopted by the Democrat majorities in the House and Senate and signed into law by Gov. Dayton. are prime examples of placing our businesses as a competitive disadvantage and will cost our state jobs.

We have a hardworking and well-educated workforce and many innovative industries. We must get government out of the way as much as possible to maximize these assets.

On the issue of:


Rep. Scott understands that if you want less of something, you tax it.  Higher taxes are counter-productive, stifle job creation and shrink the disposable incomes of our families and diminish their ability to save for the future.

Additionally, higher taxes put our state at a competitive disadvantage and can discourage businesses from moving here and can push our families and existing businesses to search for greener pastures elsewhere.

Government needs to live within its means just and families and businesses do.

On the issue of: Protecting Life

Life is a precious gift and Rep. Scott believes life should be protected from conception to natural death. Rep. Scott has authored legislation to end the taxpayer funding of abortion and has also authored legislation to protect the interests of incapacitated adults. Representative Scott has one of the strongest pro-life voting records in the legislature.